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Below is our table of content on fleas and flies, what they do, what to do with them, and the how and why Major Pest Control does flea and fly removal in Edmonton right.

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Everything about flies

Flying insects such as flies are a nuisance pests and also introduce health threats in every environment they’re found. The feeding and breeding habits of flies makes them unsanitary pests that can potentially contaminate food and surfaces with microbes. Flies transmit disease and have the ability to spread greater than 100 pathogens, contaminating food and surfaces and resulting in food poisoning or respiratory infections. A few pathogens transmitted by flies include E. coli, salmonella, shingles and tuberculosis.

Fly control is essential in and around your home and business for the peace of mind of your family, customers, and employees, as well as to protect your reputation if you’re a business. Call on the professional extermination services at Major Pest Control to implement a science-informed flying insect control program based in the fundamentals of integrated pest management. By identifying the root causes of the problem, we can address and control active fly infestations as well as prevent future occurrences with long-term solutions.

Fly removal Edmonton, fly control Edmonton

All types of fly traps to keep them in check

  • Insect Light Trap : Light traps attract flying insects with an ultraviolet light. UV light is visible to flies while being invisible to humans; flies are strongly attracted to this light. The lights are fitted with glue boards that trap the flies, allowing for fly control in food preparation areas. Our technicians will install the light traps in the appropriate area for maximum control. We continue to maintain the light traps by replacing glue boards when needed and annual replacement of the bulb.
  • Bio-Foaming Application : The organic slime that builds up in drains is the preferred location for drain flies to feed and breed. The application of foam is superior to liquid treatments in that the foam expands into the void of the pipe, filling 360 degrees and treating the micro habitats within that contain organic matter.
  • Fly Bait : Fly baits can be utilized as part of a comprehensive control strategy. We deploy fly bait stations that subtly and effectively control flying insects around your home or business. The baits contain powerful attractants and active ingredients that deliver immediate results along with residual protection.
  • Contact and Residual Treatments: The sheer numbers of a fly population left unchecked may necessitate rapid knockdown using a contact insecticide. When used as part of a comprehensive control program, particularly during peak flying insect season, these residual liquid treatments can facilitate elimination and prevention of fly populations around your home or business exterior, in fly breeding areas, and around fly resting spots.
Flea Removal Edmonton, Flea control Edmonton

What are fleas?

Fleas are insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including people. While there are more than 2,000 species of fleas in the world, only a few are a threat to humans; these include the cat flea, dog flea, human flea, and oriental rat flea. Fleas live inside and outside. Fleas wind up inside structures by hitchhiking on infested pets or wildlife like rodents, raccoons, and skunks. Once they have gotten inside, fleas will hide in pet beds, upholstered furniture, and carpets – any location that is near their host. Outdoors they can inhabit and breed in locations frequented by pets or wildlife, particularly in area that are cool, shady, and protected from sunlight. 

Common FAQs about fleas in Edmonton

  • Should I be concerned about fleas?

    As blood-feeding insects, fleas obtain nourishment by biting your or your pet’s skin, sucking the blood, and then reproducing. The feeding cycle causes pain and irritation for you or your pet, but it may also result in a secondary skin infection as the result of scratching or dermatitis. Fleas can also cause other problems for your pets by introducing tapeworms or pathogens that induce diseases. An untreated severe infestation can cause major medical complications for your pet that may be life-threatening. 

  • How can I tell if there are fleas in my home?

    Begin by observing your pet. If they have been excessively scratching or licking, inspect their fur and skin for fleas. Adult fleas are easily seen crawling along the skin and in the fur or jumping. There are a few additional features that can help you recognize fleas. First, fleas can achieve a 15 cm vertical jump. Adult fleas are about 2-3 mm in length and lack wings. Also, fleas have thin, flattened bodies with prominent back legs used for jumping. 

  • How do I get rid of fleas?

    Controlling fleas is difficult due to their small size and because they can live on pets and indoors and outdoors. To eliminate fleas effectively, a comprehensive treatment plan is required to kill fleas in each stage of their life cycle, not just adults, both indoors and outdoors as well as on pets. You can set up flea traps throughout your home and place a flea collar on your pet in addition to thoroughly shampooing your pets to kill adult fleas.

    Vacuuming and steam cleaning your upholstered furniture and carpets can help to remove for kill hiding fleas in various stages of their life cycle. Use of properly registered and labeled flea control products according to their application guidelines can also supplement the other actions listed. The most effective approach to treating a flea infestation is by employing the services of a professional pest extermination company like Major Pest Control. 

  • How can I ensure fleas stay away?

    A few actions that can help keep fleas at bay include the following:
    – Use flea collars on your pets. 
    – Groom pets frequently and use a flea comb. 
    – Vacuum and steam clean frequently. 
    – Remove pet fur from cracks and crevices to prevent buildup. 
    – Remove areas outdoors that attract fleas such as leaf litter and tall grass. 
    – Remove any nests discovered on your property to prevent them from harboring fleas that can then jump onto your pet or you. 
    – Utilize prescription medications to prevent fleas available from veterinarians. 

    In general, over-the-counter remedies are insufficient to effectively eradicate a flea infestation. Best results are achieved by employing the services of a professional extermination company such as Major Pest Control. Our team can assist you in eliminating the active population, breaking their reproductive life cycle, and removing the ideal conditions that promote infestation.

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Pest Control is something people always dread because they think it costs an arm and a leg when in reality it isn’t bad at all!

Our experts on site will give you a detailed inspection and quote. Usually for flea & fly removal Edmonton it will cost around $300 – $1,000 depending on the severity and size of the infestation.

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