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An In-depth look at sowbug removal Edmonton

Although they are less common pests, sowbugs can become a nuisance to homeowners when they find their way indoors. Sowbugs are attracted to decaying plant matter like decomposing wood or paper. If your home has a wooden threshold or sill plate, sowbugs are likely to be found devouring the rooting wood. When piles of paper and cardboard are left in a damp area, sowbugs will invade to eat the decaying plant material. Sowbugs require moist environments. Outside they are readily found under leaf litter or objects laying on damp ground as well as in mulch or other plant-derived organic matter. Rarely sowbugs will feed on young plants and destroy them. 

As crustaceans, sowbugs are more closely related to crabs than to insects like ants. Sowbugs have oval bodies when viewed from above. Overlapping articulating plates comprise their back surface, and they have seven pairs of legs. The length of their antennae is approximately half the length of the body. Typically slate gray in colors, an adult measures around 15 mm in length with a width of 8 mm. 

Sowbugs are often mistaken for curled pill bugs. Compared to sowbugs, the curved pill bug has a rounder back and deeper body. A distinguishing characteristic of pill bugs is that, when they are disturbed, they generally roll into a tight ball with their legs tucked inside. When curled up, pill bugs resemble tiny armadillos. 

Because sowbugs have gills that require constant moisture, they tend to be more prevalent in the northwest’s moister climate. Sowbugs are generally nocturnal and make a living eating decaying leaf litter and organic matter. Sowbugs may be considered pests because they will occasionally feed on the tips of young plants, damaging them. On the other hand, sowbugs help the environment by breaking down decaying plant matter and, in doing so, help to speed up the release of the nutrients they contain so they can be recycled. 

If you’re having problems with sowbugs in and around your home, call Major Pest Control. Our professionally trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the type of pest and the extent of the infestation. Then they will implement a treatment program that uses the latest environmentally friendly methods to quickly eliminate your sowbugs problem while keeping your family and pets safe.

Sowbug Removal Edmonton, Sowbug control Edmonton

Common FAQs about sowbugs in Edmonton

  • Why do I have sowbugs?

    Sowbugs are also referred to as isopods or wood lice. They are crustaceans more related to crabs and lobsters and are the only crustacean that can survive exclusively on land. These pests require moist and humid conditions for survival. They can frequently be found living beneath rock piles, leaves, or other organic materials outdoors or in basements, under sinks with leaky plumbing, or laundry rooms indoors. Sowbugs consume decaying organic matter such as leaves, grass, animal and insect remains, and dirt.

  • How worried should I be about sowbugs?

    Although sowbugs do not pose direct threats to humans or pets, they are considered nuisance pests. The large numbers they frequently gather in can be alarming. If you find your home has been invaded by sow bugs, call Major Pest Control for fast and thorough extermination. Our professionally trained technicians will implement a treatment plan to eliminate your sowbug issue. Our treatment methods are environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. You will save time and money by treating the problem quickly and efficiently.

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