Pest Control Case Study: Bed Bug in Seniors Residence

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Caption: Edmonton Bed Bug Removal Services

We had received a call from a seniors care facility on the west end of Edmonton, stating that they were having an issue with bedbugs in a few suites throughout the building. They have had past bedbug infestations before and hired another company to take care of that problem. They ended up chasing the bedbugs throughout the building with poor results, they tried using K9 detection dogs which gave no results. The condo board was frustrated, helpless and pinching pennies.

When they asked us if we could help, we eagerly said “Yes and we’ll inspect all neighbouring suites as well to help focus our thorough treatment methods”. After finding out more information, we recommended visually inspecting all 52 suites within the building, to make absolutely sure this gets done right the first time. They happily agreed. The whole team arrived two (2) days later to help.

The customer did not expect this and was very pleased how seriously we were taking this ordeal during these tough times. We split up into pairs and were escorted throughout the building, suite by suite, floor by floor. We confirmed bedbug activity in the suites that reported bites and found two (2) suites to have them as well and they didn’t even know!

After our inspection we recommended full chemical and heat treatment for the live activity suites and all adjacent suites. Three (3) services backed by our unmatched six (6) month guarantee. We believe in always giving our customers more than what they pay us for. We believe in always going the extra mile in everything we do. We arrived two (2) days later to treat the affected units and within six (6) weeks, the bedbugs were exterminated. From this service we gained influence within that company and to this day we’re given more jobs for multiple properties throughout the city and surrounding area.

Pest Control Case Study: German Cockroaches in Apartments

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Caption: Cockroach Removal From Edmonton apartments

I was given a call from a husband and wife team who managed multiple apartment buildings around central Edmonton. They were experiencing heavy cockroach infestations in multiple suites, they hired multiple different companies to come in and treat the problem, with no success. They were tired, desperate and wanting it to end.
I reassured them that Major Pest Control will help resolve their issues once and for all. They were skeptical, since multiple companies promised the same thing.

After I spoke with them about our procedures, guarantee process and our excellent service team. They wanted to sit down with me and discuss more in person. I arrived at one of the apartment buildings the next day where they had their office and I was greeted with a hopeful smile from the both of them. Other companies only did spray treatments for the cockroaches. The more sprays that are done, the deeper into the structure of the building the cockroaches will go making future treatments more difficult.

I presented them in person how our baiting method and procedures would be ideal for their situation, by getting on my hands and knees to show the ways of inspection as well as pretending to apply our multiple baiting products. They were impressed! When they asked me if they have to pay for each visit (like the other companies), I reassured them that we have three (3) treatments included with our cockroach control as well as a six (6) month guarantee after that third service. Meaning if we need to come back more than three times, it’s free within that six (6) month period. They were absolutely blown away by this and eagerly signed us up for treatment!

They wanted to show me exactly what I was dealing with before I started work, I entered suite 315 to find multiple glue traps full of cockroaches. Opened cupboards to witness dozens of cockroaches falling down onto the counter and fridge. I was in shock by what I saw but still determined to make their building happy and safe to live in once again.

I arrived at their apartment building two (2) days later to begin the restoration of their building. With my bag in hand and gloves on I went to my first suite. 315. I deployed my gel bait, powdered dust pesticide and PD5 to combat the overflowing amounts of cockroaches. They were no match for our product… Within seven (7) weeks they were exterminated. I treated a total of nine (9) units with varied amounts of activity.

Ranging from a couple bugs here and there, to what seemed like endless waves of them. It took me seven (7) weeks to exterminate them all. After I managed to do what seemed like the impossible for our customers, they gave us more units to treat, more buildings to go too. Major Pest Control soon became the only phone call they’d make to exterminate their pest problems.

Pest Control Case Study: Mice In The House

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Caption: Mice Pest Control in Edmonton

We got a call one morning from a desperate landlord of a house on the south side of Edmonton, saying that his tenants were experiencing mice in multiple areas of the home. He told us that he’s tried for so long to get a handle on it, but the problem just kept getting worse. We walked through our procedures with him, explaining everything in great detail, from the initial inspection, three (3) services that were included as well as backed by our unmatched six (6) month guarantee and entry point filling. We believe in always giving our customers more than what they pay us for.

We believe in always going the extra mile in everything we do. He was very excited to have us come by, to make his home happy and safe once again. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by their upstairs tenant, Sarah. After I introduced myself she was almost in tears. She was so happy that someone was coming by to help her and her family, she showed us videos of mice running on top of her counters and couches, in and out of crevices along baseboards… During our thorough inspection of the home we found there to be heavy activity throughout all levels of the home.

We began deployment of our equipment immediately after. Fast forward two weeks, all stations were fully consumed. Totally a whopping an estimated 330 servings! Sarah and her landlord couldn’t believe it, they started to have doubts. Since they were still seeing the odd mouse here and there. We reassured them that this would pass in time, we just needed them to continue having faith in our procedures. Continuing onto the third service, there was only eight… EIGHT servings taken, all from the utility room.

We had successfully exterminated this heavy mouse infestation from their home. After reporting this to them, they wanted to give us a hug and show that they were truly grateful for everything we’ve done for them. We proceeded to seal entry points around the home, which were all vents and exhausts entering the home, we found gaps and cracks around the faceplates. To this day we haven’t heard from them, so we know for sure that their activity is permanently gone.

They recommended us with confidence to their friends and family for any pest control needs.