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Book Our Team Of Edmonton Pest Control Professionals to set up and monitor your bed bug treatment. We typically use a combination of spot heat treatment and proven effective pest control chemicals, to ensure extermination of your bed bug problem. Just call or book a treatment.

Book A Specialized Bed Bug Heat Treatment Heater, then set up and monitor your bed bug heat treatment using one of our portable, eco-friendly bed bug heaters.

About Bed Bugs In Edmonton- Description

Bed bugs (Cimex sp.) are a common household pest in Canada and elsewhere. As parasitic insects, they must live near their hosts. Given humans are bed bugs’ hosts, bed bugs live in homes, hotels, and other structures humans are regularly found. Their needs are minimal, requiring only a safe area near their human hosts. Bed bugs quickly move to bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans and then return to their hideout following their blood meal. Despite their small size, bed bugs are able to travel greater than 3 meters from their hideout to take a blood meal but are more commonly found in closer proximity to their host, usually 3 to 6 feet. 

Bed bugs are easily overlooked unless you have learned key features to identify them. Adults are 4 to 5 mm in length, are reddish brown in color, are oval-shaped with flattened bodies, and have two antennae and six legs. The abdomen of bed bugs is darker in color after a blood meal. Their flattened body allows them to hide in small places like bed frames, sofas, behind loose wallpaper, under carpets, in baseboards or cracks in floors, as well as behind picture frames and other areas that make them challenging to observe. Bed bugs hang out in close proximity to one another and a resulting large population will emit an unpleasant, sweet odor.  

Bed bugs are attracted to humans because of the carbon dioxide and warmth we produce. They especially infest multi-unit buildings, like hotels and apartments, which experience high turnover and where they are frequently introduced by luggage or used furniture. Bed bugs are hitchhikers that hide in people’s belongings, like purses, briefcases, and laptop bags; they don’t actually cling to people. Once hiding within belongings, they are easily introduced to homes, offices, hospitals, and other structures. Additionally, bed bugs can infest various modes of transportation. Unlike many other pests, proper hygiene does not prevent bed bug infestations.

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Edmonton Bed Bug Heat Treatment – Book Us or D.I.Y.

How do we kill bed bugs with heat?

Bed Bugs are common across all parts of Alberta, and are no fun when they are in your house. An increasingly common approach to bed bug control in Edmonton is the use of do-it-yourself bed bug heat treatments.

bed bug heaters edmonton bed bug heat treatment

Bed Bug Heaters To Kill Bed Bugs

Modern portable bed bug heaters are used to raise the temperature in an enclosed space to a higher temperature and for a sustained amount of time, thus killing bed bugs in that space using these high temperatures. Bed bugs can not survive these higher temperatures and the heat accomplishes the goal of eliminating all bed bugs in an eco-friendly way, without the use of any chemicals.

There are specific guidelines to follow when using our bed bug heaters, and precautions to take for items in your space that may be damaged by the high sustained temperatures required. Call or Book Below for more information and we will help you get rid of your bed bugs using one of our heaters or having our pest control team perform the service for you.

Why Choose Major Pest Control for Bedbug Heat Treatment?

Client Case Study – Edmonton Bed Bug Pest Control

How we got rid of bed bugs in multiple Edmonton rental units for a commercial client.

We had received a call from a seniors care facility on the west end of Edmonton, stating that they were having an issue with bedbugs in a few suites throughout the building. They have had past bedbug infestations before and hired another company to take care of that problem. They ended up chasing the bedbugs throughout the building with poor results, they tried using K9 detection dogs which gave no results. The condo board was frustrated, helpless and pinching pennies.

When they asked us if we could help, we eagerly said “Yes and we’ll inspect all neighbouring suites as well to help focus our thorough treatment methods”. After finding out more information, we recommended visually inspecting all 52 suites within the building, to make absolutely sure this gets done right the first time. They happily agreed.

The whole team arrived two (2) days later to help. The customer did not expect this and was very pleased how seriously we were taking this ordeal during these tough times. We split up into pairs and were escorted throughout the building, suite by suite, floor by floor. We confirmed bedbug activity in the suites that reported bites and found two (2) suites to have them as well and they didn’t even know!

After our inspection we recommended full chemical and heat treatment for the live activity suites and all adjacent suites. Three (3) services backed by our unmatched six (6) month guarantee. We believe in always giving our customers more than what they pay us for. We believe in always going the extra mile in everything we do.

We arrived two (2) days later to treat the affected units and within weeks, the bedbugs were exterminated from all the affected suites. From this service we gained influence within that company and to this day we’re given more jobs for multiple properties throughout the city and surrounding area.

The Right Pest Control Solution

We believe in providing the right solution to any pest problem. Bed bug problems are no different. Depending on your particular bed bug problem we will use heat treatments, physical removal with pest vaccuums, proven effective chemicals, or a combination of these bed bug control methods.

We are thoroughly professional with our Edmonton bed bug extermination services and offer a full guarantee. Reach out to us to book a free quote and get rid of your bed bug problem.

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