Understanding Ant Infestations in Edmonton

Ant infestations are a common issue for homeowners in Edmonton, where the climate and urban environment provide an ideal habitat for these persistent pests. Understanding the causes, types of ants, and effective management strategies is crucial for dealing with infestations. … Read More

Bed Bug Detective | Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? 10 Places They Love

10 Places Bed Bugs Love To Hide You might feel them bite in your bed, but these little critters are comfortable in lots of places in and around your home. If you have bed bugs and need help to get … Read More

Racoons & Skunks

Raccoons in general are major hosts of rabies. Skunks readily adapt to the urban environment and their offensive odor and habit of digging holes in lawns in search of insect larvae, make it an unwelcome urban resident. Call Major Pest … Read More

Squirrels & Gophers

Often referred to as nuisance wildlife, squirrels present their own unique set of dangers when it comes to their interaction with humans as they can become aggressive when they feel frightened or threatened. During cold months  homes become an ideal … Read More

Mice & Vertebrate Pests

House mice breed rapidly and can adapt quickly to changing conditions.  In fact, a female house mouse can give birth to a half dozen babies every three weeks and can produce up to 35 young per year. Call Major Pest Control Exterminator Edmonton.


Gulls can be a nuisance in coastal areas, particularly at dump sites, piers and harbors. Flocks of Gulls often create hazardous conditions to low flying aircraft. Large buildup of droppings will lead to structural damage from the uric acid. Boats, … Read More

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