Mouse-Proof Your House With These Mouse-Control Tips

TOPIC: MOUSE CONTROL EDMONTON As the weather gets colder, mice will start looking for a warm place to nest. If your home is mouse-proof, you won’t have to worry about these pesky critters taking over. Here are a few tips … Read More

All About Bed Bugs: Pest Library

Bed bugs (Cimex sp.) are common household pests in Canada and elsewhere. As parasitic insects, they must live near their hosts. Given humans are bed bugs’ hosts, bed bugs live in homes, hotels, and other structures humans are regularly found. Their needs are minimal, requiring only a safe area near their human hosts. Bed bugs quickly move to bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans and then return to their hideout following their blood meal. … Read More

All About Cockroaches

What is a Cockroach? Cockroaches are scavenging insects that resemble beetles, always having longerantennae and legs and typically a broad, flattened body. Colours range from brown,beige, red and black with freshly molted cockroaches being white in colour. Theynormally seek out … Read More

All About Mice

How to Keep Mice out of Your Home This Winter in Alberta As temperatures drop in the evenings and crisp mornings start to set in, mice are looking for a safe haven to ride out the harsh winter. While these … Read More

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