How to Move Without Taking Bed Bugs With You

How to Move Without Taking Bed Bugs With You

Bed Bugs in Edmonton | How to Move Without Taking Bed Bugs With You

Whether or not you’ve had bed bugs in Edmonton, this is a topic on the minds of anyone who has moved before. Bed bugs are named this, because they usually come out to feed at night, while their unwitting hosts are sleeping in bed. While they don’t necessarily live in your bed, these pests make nests within a metre or two from their food source, which is your bed, hence their name.

Bed bugs will often lay their eggs in the creases of the mattress. You will likely discover you have bed bugs if you spot one on your bed, wake up with a red rash on your body, or if you spot any of their eggs or droppings while changing the sheets. Bed bugs are 4 to 5 mm long, and have flat, brownish bodies that allow them to hide in many different spots. After they feed on their blood meal, their bodies stretch out, and become darker in color. Their eggs are tiny – .8 to 3 mm in size, while their fecal matter is reddish black.

If you are worried about bed bugs in Edmonton, take a look on your mattress for the tell-tale signs of an infestation – eggs, especially in the creases of the mattress. Check for fecal matter, molted skins and dead bugs. If you spot any signs of these nuisances, contact Major Pest Control right away. Many people inadvertently spread the infestation to other rooms in the house with activities like vacuuming, laundering the bedsheets, moving furniture, or spraying insect repellant – which causes the insects to scatter and take up residency in other parts of the home.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs in Edmonton do not hitch a ride on human hosts, like many people assume. Rather, they travel from place to place in furniture, or in our luggage, which is why people may come home from a vacation and find that bed bugs have hitched a ride! Therefore, a lot of people want to know how they can move into a new home, apartment or condo without taking bedbugs with them! The good news is there’s a lot of things that families can do to move safely and leave these pests behind!

Before you start packing for your move, wash all fabric items – this means clothes, bedsheets and linen and towels. Even children’s plush toys, throw pillows, duvets and covers just to name a few. Wash them in the hottest water they can stand. Take them out of the dryer, and pack them in large plastic bags or plastic, sealable bins that you then label with the word “clean” and what is in the bin, to eliminate the need to open the bag or bin until you have moved.

Bed Bugs in Edmonton | Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Belongings

Unfortunately, not everything can be put into a washing machine or dryer, but you will want to clean and sanitize these items as well, to get rid of any chance that eggs will find their way, leading to an infestation of bed bugs in Edmonton in your new home. You can place the items that need to be cleaned into a clean plastic bins, then treat with dichlorvos pest strips.

Another option is to utilize a special heating unit that is designed to kill these insects and their eggs. However, it is incredibly prudent to also consult with an expert, such as Major Pest Control who can help control the infestation, and give you tips on how you can move safely and leave bed bugs in your past.

The next step is to buy a mattress and box spring cover that is designed to prevent bed bugs from getting in, or out as well. This will help prevent any bugs from making your bed their feeding ground, but will also help contain any bugs or eggs that got missed during the pest control efforts. Keep in mind that bed bugs can survive one year in between feedings, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that keeping the mattress cover on for a few months is sufficient!

Clean Your Items  Or Get New Things

Many people find it easier and less stressful to simply toss out furniture or mattresses after an infestation. If you do, clearly mark the items you’re discarding with a large marker or paint with the words “BED BUGS” to ensure no scavengers take home the discarded items, and end up with an infestation of their own. Another tactic is to destroy the item by cutting a giant hole into the item, to make it unusable to anyone else.

Once your items are cleaned, sealed and ready to move, each person should shower, and get into clean clothes and shoes that have been cleaned to eliminate bed bugs. Anything they were previously wearing should be placed into a plastic bag or bin and sealed until they can be properly laundered. Again, clearly label this bag or bin to prevent it from being opened, and having bed bugs escape. Any cats or dogs should also be bathed, or spend a day at the groomer’s, to ensure they are bug free before entering the new home.

While nobody wants bed bugs in Edmonton, knowing what to look for and what to do in case of an infestation is invaluable. Also, having the name of a great pest control company like Major Pest Control can help out in the future or you spot a bug where it shouldn’t be. By taking simple precautions, people can avoid bringing home an infestation of their own, and relax in their home.